Thursday, 3 April 2014

York Curiouser street poetry

In the corners of the city, at the ends of snickets, in the bell towers and bars, something is unfolding: new sources are whispering and shaping the story of the streets, drawing us onwards through spaces that others have touched and transformed.

Curious? Stop right here. The signs are everywhere, images flourishing in forgotten places, the walls flutters with them! The new and the old feed on each other. All that we thought blank and dank, opens. Catch the city in the corner of your eye and enter it.

I took these test shots of John Wedgwood Clarke's excellent locational poetry as part of the promotional work for York Curiouser: the city in the light of contemporary art interventions – fleeting glimpses, tiny openings and snatched words from 14 June to 7 July 2014.

Curious? See the website for more details:

Monday, 20 January 2014

York Squared - a new collaborative photobook

York Squared, by the Incident Light photography collective

I have just finished a book project with a York-based group of photographers, dividing the city up into (roughly equal) squares, with each of us taking photos within our squares. 
The project intended not just to reach the parts of this much-photographed city that most other photographic ventures do not, but to do this in a way that utilised the different approach of each photographer to create a truly unique showcase of both city and photographer.

You can preview and order the book in the Blurb bookstore:

My chapter in the book (Square 9) covers the Hungate area immediately to the east of the city centre. The area has long been in the shadows of its more attractive and celebrated neighbours. Swathes of terraces from the 1800s declined into slums and were demolished. The replacement Stonebow development, post-war and concrete heavy, is loved by few and hated by many. On top of this, a large waste incinerator plant occupied much of the area throughout the twentieth century.

Today, the area is in its latest phase of regeneration. York’s largest ever archaeological exploration prepared the ground for a large development of modern flats, with more on the way. Typically for Hungate, progress has not been smooth, the global recession halted progress and threatened to stop it all together. And while the future is by no means assured, building has re-started and there is a clearer timeline for completion

I have put together an extended 'Director's cut' version of my chapter as a pdf ebook, which you can buy here:, just pay whatever you like.

Friday, 20 December 2013

A Wet Day In London - a street photography ebook

2013 Review - London street photography

In the fifth and final post looking back over the past 12 months, I want to touch on something that was a new venture for me - street photography.

I have long admired the courage and confidence street photographers and photojournalists must have, putting themselves out there, under people's noses, with just a camera and a smile - or a decent pair of running shoes - and wanted to have a go myself.

I was in London for the day and had a bit of time to kill. It was raining and I thought I might get some nice photos in the reflections. Some of my favourite photos are shown below, but you can buy a pdf ebook of the whole series here  - just pay whatever you like.

More recently, London Street Photo interviewed me about the experience  

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cornucopia music festival

2013 Review - Cornucopia music festival

This is the fourth in a series of posts looking back over the past 12 months

I went to the lovely little Cornucopia music festival at the end of September, expecting it to be far too late in the year, too cold and too wet for that kind of thing. We were treated with some wonderful warm weather and some wonderful warm music and hospitality - so much more relaxing and personal than some of the larger music festivals.

I wasn't there as a photographer, but well, sometimes you just can't help yourself. These are some of my favourite photos from the weekend

New website design live

I've given the website a bit of a makeover,  having changed the stuff under the bonnet to something I hope will be more reliable. Apologies if you've been here while the site was down, and for repeating some of the posts from the old design in this end of year review.